New standards for social housing

From the 1st April, new standards were introduced for social housing landlords, designed to protect tenants and improve the service they receive. Under the new standards, landlords have to:

  • ensure tenants are safe in their homes 
  • listen to tenants’ complaints and respond promptly to put things right 
  • be accountable to tenants and treat them with fairness and respect 
  • know more about the condition of every home and the needs of the people who live in them 
  • collect and use data effectively across a range of areas, including repairs 

The Regulator of Social Housing will also have a more active role and additional powers in how it regulates these.

In this webinar, Fleur Priest-Stephens, Head of Tenant Engagement at the Regulator, talked through the new standards and their approach to making sure landlords meet them.

Closed captions are enabled.